About a month ago Broadway was showing the musical “Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark.” During a Thursday night performance, Daniel Curry, one of the dancers, was seriously injured. According to the production team his leg got caught in technical equipment. A member of the audience said that his leg appeared to be pinned in a trap door and that he let out a scream. A privacy screen was brought out as a hole was cut in the stage floor in order to release his leg. They stopped the performance and canceled the following show. They believed that the computerized equipment had malfunctioned or that human error was to blame. The details following the dancer’s recovery following the injury was not released.

I actually found this story to be a little surprising. I’ve never heard of anything like this happening in dance. I usually hear about dance injures that are twisting an ankle, pulling a  or a small fracture. Although, the type of dancing I do usually doesn’t involve any trap doors or major props.

This story reminds me an injury that I witnessed while dancing. However, the injury that I witnessed was less severe and was not during a performance. Also the injury was sustained because the dancer made a mistake.

One evening last fall my lyrical class was rehearsing a routine. About a minute into our routine, we heard a startlingly loud “thud”. The whole class halted and quickly noticed our classmate, Jourdan, lying unconscious on the ground. We checked her pulse and tried to wake her. Everyone was nervous, trying not to panic as we hovered over our knocked-out classmate. After a few minutes she opened her eyes and looked around the room in confusion. The ambulance had been called prior to her waking.

We learned that Jourdan had a grade 2 concussion. She was not able to come back to dance class for a month, had bad headaches and was not permitted to drive. After her return, she told us that her injury was the result of a quickly executed turn. She explained that she was behind the counts in the music and began rushing. She attempted a difficult turn at a very fast pace and lost her balance.

Even though Jourdan was okay, it was still a very concerning event. Jourdan was pretty fortunate. She could have been injured much worse depending on where and how she fell. Little accidents like this can happen all the time in dance, and dancers need to be cautious not to be careless, especially when executing tricky steps.