Although I love dancing in general, there are some moves that I’m more fond of than others. My partiality is mostly derived from my ability to execute the move. My 8 favorite dance moves include:

1. Chaines

Although these are very simple turns, they are my favorite. I can do them well, fast and often use them as a catalyst for other moves.

2. Wings

The tap step was challenging to learn, but as I mastered them I became more fond of them and began doing different forms. I like to experiment with one footed wings, ripple wings and crossed wings.

3. Saut De ChatimagesCAIF9O4T

The saut de chat is by far my favorite kind of leap. I strive to gain as much power as I can before executing a saut de chat so that I can get lots of height.

4. Double Pickup

This is also an advanced tap step. At first, these frustrated me. However, now that I’ve gotten better at making all of my sounds, I like the “horse-trot” sound this step produces.

5. Piqueuntitled

This quick, pricking movement is one of my favorite steps to do on pointe. They are simple, quick, and great for building ankle strength.

6. Figurate


This move is basic, but very pretty. It acts as a nice transition into an extension and can always spice up a kick. I like using them in a warm up or in choreography.

7. Weave imagesCACYO7WF

This is a tap step comprised a flap, front shuffle, step, toe punch, heel and another step. This is not an official tap step that is widely known among dancers, but something my old dance teacher made up. I like adding it into my routines to give them a little personal touch.

8. Fouette Turns

These ballet turns are highly challenging, especially when done on pointe. Although they frustrate me at times, they are very pretty and look great when done in a group (as long as the group is in harmony of course).