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Executing quick changes during performances can be challenging. The disarray of costumes, tights, makeup, headpieces, bobby pins, etc. can become quite a mess in a short amount of time. Ruth Brill, Birmingham Royal Ballet artist, gives some not-so-typical advice when it comes to quick changes. She says that the key to a successful quick change is trusting yourself. Quick changes can be very stressful. According the Ruth, remaining calm, methodical and readily equipped is the key. She even advises rehearsing quick changes as if it were choreography. She says that she likes to enjoy being onstage and doesn’t want costuming to interfere with that joy.

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I think that this information is very helpful for dancers. I know from personal experience that organization and practice can help with quick changes. However, I never really though about the fact that trusting yourself and staying calm also play a significant role in a successful quick change. I agree that being stressed out over costuming can take away from the experience of preforming and this advice is very helpful.

This article may not relate directly to Manheim central students, but the principle of Brill’s advice is applicable to all. Trusting yourself and staying calm can be helpful in almost any situation. Stress can take away from any positive experience. Therefore, stress reducers like these are good to keep in mind.