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Last Friday there was a performance at City Center’s Studio 5. Miro Magloire’s New Chamber Ballet had a typical show. Although the show was trademark for the ballet, it differs greatly from the vast majority of ballets. Magloire uses live music, no theatrical lighting and no sets. He also starts his performances with the dancers sitting next to the pianist on the pianist’s bench. The highlight of the show was a new rendition from  his 2007 entitled, “Klavierstück.” The piece was said to have choppy phrases and lacking continuity. Magloire was criticized for too much restraint.

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I think that this was a learning experience for Magliore. He is well known and respected and usually doesn’t get a bad rap. He might have been trying something new and it just didn’t work out. However, I still think he’s a very talented choreographer/ composer and this performance was probably just an experiement gone wrong.

This article is relevant to Manheim Central students because of the principles involved. Even someone as popular and talented as Miro Magliore have failures. Every successful person has to fail in order to learn how to be successful. This is important for not only students, but people in general to remember.