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This past weekend the BEAT Festival was held in its typical location site of downtown Brooklyn. The performance featured choreography from two different sources. The choreography was starkly different. One of the choreographers, Yanira Castro, had a piece entitled “Nancy”. The piece was very orderly and structured with four different versions. On the other hand, Storyboard P., a native Brooklyn street dancer, had dances that were completely interpretive. He doesn’t even believe in choreography and refers to his style as “mutant”. Many saw his format as strange.

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I find this to be very interesting. I have heard a lot about alternative dance because it’s been gaining recent popularity. However, I have never heard about a professional choreographer claiming to have their own style of dance and giving it an new name. It’s especially interesting because technically this style of dance would fall under the alternative category. This shows that Storyboard P. values the uniqueness of his choreography and wants to be different. I think it inspires creativity.

This article could be relevant to any Manheim Central students that are dancers or have an interest in the arts in general. Even for students who could care less about dance, this story has value for them too. It definitely inspires creativity and thinking outside of the box regardless of what others think.